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Several groups have called for a boycott of Shell over its damage to the environment and its human rights abuses. Boycott Shell says "Shell wants to drill in the Arctic.The rain forests are being cleared to make way for palm oil plantations for bio-fuel for European cars."

Other campaigns focus on its actions in the Niger Delta, and its treatment of the Ogoni population there. Essential Action, a member of the initial campaign, stated:

Since Shell began drilling oil in Ogoniland in 1958, the people of Ogoniland have had pipelines built across their farmlands and in front of their homes, suffered endemic oil leaks from these very pipelines, been forced to live with the constant flaring of gas. This environmental assault has smothered land with oil, killed masses of fish and other aquatic life, and introduced devastating acid rain to the land of the Ogoni.

Campaigners say that Shell has worked with the Nigerian government to suppress Ogoni protests. In 1995, 9 environmental activists were given the death penalty. Two witnesses in the trial - that gained worldwide opposition - later admitted to having been bribed by Shell. The boycott call is upheld by MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People).

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