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Human rights campaigners in Asia are calling for a boycott of sugar company Tate & Lyle over land rights abuses in Cambodia. Activists say that sugar produced on land confiscated by the Cambodian government and handed over to plantation owners is being sold by Tate & Lyle in the UK, Europe and US.

The Cambodian government is accused of leasing out land to companies, after using security forces to evict its residents. The process has also been linked to a slew of other human rights violations, such as serious water pollution, child labour, murder and assault. The Clean Sugar Campaign says:

Forcibly deprived of their productive base by local and foreign investors backed by state security forces, hundreds of thousands of Cambodian who pulled themselves out of poverty are once again struggling to survive.

In March 2013, over 200 farmers from Koh Kong province filed a claim in the UK High Court against Tate & Lyle for the tort of “unjust enrichment” (i.e. profiting from goods produced from land illegally taken by its supplier). According to the boycott's website, the lawsuit is ongoing.

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