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Both Ethical Consumer and Grab Your Wallet have called a boycott of Trump and those companies that are supporting him over his regressive policies on climate change and his attitude to equality and discrimination issues.

In April 2017, Ethical Consumer looked at the companies supporting Trump, either through political donations or by sitting on his Strategic and Policy Forum (an advisory group made up of the CEOs of major companies). We also looked for those companies that have lobbied against Trump, including the more than 120 companies that filed a legal brief against Trump's first travel ban, and have included them as brands opposing Trump.

Ten UK Brands Backing or Working with Trump Ten UK Brands Opposing Trump
Anadin Staples
Microsoft Levi Strauss
Esso Ebay
Marlboro Timberland
Vauxhall North Face
Crocs Dropbox
Jack Wolfskin Mozilla
Asda Netflix
Pepsi Virgin
Victoria's Secret Acer

Since then, lots of companies have severed ties to Trump. Several of his advisory committees have been forced to dissolve due to a lack of CEOs willing to link themselves to Trump's policies. However, company continue to donate to the Republican party and sell Trump company products. Grab Your Wallet has an up-to-date list of all companies and organisations to boycott.

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