Primark vs TK Maxx 

We look behind some of the data that Ethical Consumer has used to rate TK Maxx and Primark in our recent guide to high street clothing

Here we take a dive into some of the data behind our recent report on clothing and introduce our range of consumer tools.

Our main product report (you can find that here) looks at the problems associated with fast fashion, including workers' rights issues and environmental concerns. 

There is a separate score table for smaller ethical brands that can be found in our guide to alternative clothing companies and the scores here are much higher.

In this data dive we'll focus on one interesting result of the research….

Primark has been eager to paint itself as an ethical company while TK Maxx has remained an ethical outlier but both score just 4.5 out of 18 on our ethical rating table.

In this data dive we’ll show you how our ranking system helps to expose greenwash and potentially disingenuous corporate PR.