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Listen to our podcast, this episode is all about personal ethical finance 

Joanna Long, a writer/researcher at Ethical Consumer presents our revamped podcast. Here is what she had to say about our latest episode into finance:

“Mainstream banks are up to their necks in unethical stuff, everything from tax avoidance to nuclear weapons to extreme fossil fuels. Fortunately there are organisations like Banktrack who are exposing the dirty deals that banks would rather the public didn't know about. Plus there are a growing number of ethical options for people looking to switch to a more responsible bank.” 


Joanna Long talks transparency, dodgy investments and switching to ethical alternatives with:

  • Clare Carlile – researcher and writer at Ethical Consumer
  • Colin Birch – our ethical novice
  • Tristan Thomas – Head of marketing at Monzo
  • Ryan Brightwell – Researcher and editor at Banktrack


Find out more about the issues we discuss in our finance section: 

In our next podcast, Joanna will delve into the complex issue of palm oil. Send us your questions about palm oil at podcast@ethicalconsumer.org and we will answer 3 in that episode. 



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