Mother’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a great time to treat your mum to something special.

This guide will help you find that perfect ethical present.


Thankfully, fast fashion isn’t ‘en vogue’ right now, and it’s good to avoid buying more clothes where possible.

If you do choose to buy something you think will be ‘long-loved’, you’ll find some great ethical brands in our alternative clothes shops guide.

And with our Best Buys you can be sure that those women working to make your item were paid a fair wage and treated with dignity and respect.

Best Buys include Know the Origin and People Tree.


Everyone loves a chocolate treat, but the issues in the cocoa industry run deep, with child labour still a major problem.

Our guide to chocolate will help you find a brand that has a well-developed supply chain policy and is free from child labour.

Our Best Buy brands stand out for being different:
• Divine is part-owned by Ghanaian cocoa farmers.
• Plamil is a vegan company.
• Chocolat Madagascar and Pacari are value-added-at-source, which ensures that more of the money goes to the country where the cocoa is grown

Cosmetics and toiletries

It can be tough to find health and beauty products that are toxic-free and from companies that don’t test on animals.

We have a number of guides that make it much easier to navigate these markets and find vegan-friendly options that contain fewer (or no) harmful chemicals.

Among our Best Buys are Lush and Neal’s Yard, which are both widely available on the high street.

Check out more Best Buys in our guides to:


Books always make a good gift, and we can help you find one without using tax-avoider Amazon.

It’s always best to use your local independent book shop, but if you do want to buy the latest best seller online you could try one of our Best Buy companies:

    • World of Books
    • Oxfam
    • NearSt


Perhaps the most important thing this Mother's Day is to visit your mum.

If you are able to do this, why not take a nice bottle of red with you?

We have a great selection of small-scale ethical, vegan and organic wine producers in our wine guide.

For a fine Fairtrade wine, pick Stellar Winery or Emiliana, which are standout Best Buy brands.

Other ethical gifts

If you just want to browse for something online, why not check out our guide to Ethical Online Retailers.

Its packed with recommendations of where to shop online for gifts.

We reveal ten Best Buy companies including Ethical Shop, Amnesty and Acala

A gift subscription to Ethical Consumer

Share your ethics this Mother's Day. Inspire your mum with a year's subscription to Ethical Consumer magazine.

Each gift subscription includes sponsorship of an organic olive sapling in Palestine.