Ethical Consumer Issue 183 - March 2020 13 SHOPPING GUIDE Plant Milk Our Best buys are Lucy Bee , Plamil , Good Hemp and The Bridge . Lucy Bee sells exclusively coconut milk – all of it Fairtrade and Organic. Plamil sells exclusively organic soya milk. Good Hemp sells exclusively hemp. The Bridge sells pretty much everything turned into a milk, all of it organic: almond, oat, soya, coconut, rice, buckwheat, spelt, Brazil nut, chickpea and quinoa. All of these companies are wholly vegan and have ethics embedded across all of their activities. Rebel Kitchen , EcoMil , Oatly , Rude Health and Sproud also do well. RECOMMENDED BEST BUYS e t h i c a l c o n s u m e r . o r g B E S T B U Y Plamil 16 Good Hemp 15 The Bridge 14.5 Lucy Bee 17 WHO SELLS WHAT Almond Aldi (Acti leaf), Alpro, Asda, Blue Diamond, Dream, EcoMil, Isola Bio, Lidl, Morrisons, Provamel, Rude Health, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, The Bridge Barley Isola Bio Brazil nut The Bridge Buckwheat Isola Bio, The Bridge Cashew Alpro, Isola Bio, EcoMil, Provamel, Rude Health Chickpea The Bridge Coconut Alpro, Dream, EcoMil, Isola Bio, Koko, Lucy Bee, Marks and Spencer, Provamel, Rude Health, The Bridge, Vita Coco Hazelnut Alpro, Isola Bio, EcoMil, Rude Health Hemp EcoMil, Good Hemp Millet Isola Bio Oat Alpro, Asda, Dream, EcoMil, Isola Bio, Marks and Spencer, Oatly, Provamel, Rude Health, The Bridge Pea Sproud Quinoa EcoMil, The Bridge Rice Alpro, Dream, EcoMil, Isola Bio, Provamel, Rude Health, The Bridge Soya Alpro, Aldi (Acti leaf), Asda, Co-op, Granovita, Holland & Barrett, Isola Bio, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Plamil, Provamel, Rude Health, Sainsbury’s, Sojade, Sojasun, Soya Soleil, Tesco, The Bridge, Waitrose. Spelt EcoMil, Isola Bio, The Bridge Tigernut EcoMil, Rude Health Own mix of rice, cashew and coconut Rebel Kitchen Powders: chestnut, sesame, soya, walnut EcoMil Table highlights Vegan companies The following companies are fully vegan: Lucy Bee, Plamil, Good Hemp (Braham & Murray), Rebel Kitchen (Craze Foods), The Bridge, EcoMil (Nutriops), Oatly (Havre Global), Sproud (WMake), Blue Diamond, Vita Coco (All Market Inc) and Koko (First Grade International). Non-vegan companies Besides the supermarkets, the following companies are not vegan: l  Sojade and Sojasun are owned by Triballat Noyal which also specialises in French cheese. l  Soya Soleil, Alpro, Provamel are all owned by Group Danone, which also sells both dairy and meat products. l  Dream is owned by Hain Celestial which also owns Linda McCartney, Sun Pat and Tilda rice. It sells a number of meat products, such as Ethnic Gourmet curry. l  Rude Health makes porridge and snack biscuits as well as plant milk, a few of which contain dairy products. Although most of its products are vegan, the company has created controversy by writing blog posts which are very critical of veganism. l Wessanen, which makes Isola Bio, makes 96% of its revenue from vegetarian products, but not 100%. l  Granovita’s parent Hugli also owns Natur Compagnie which sells meat and dairy products. Palm oil The milks themselves do not contain palm oil. However, the companies that make them sometimes use palm oil in other things. Of the companies that get a best palm oil rating, the following are palm oil free: Lucy Bee, Good Hemp (Braham& Murray), Rebel Kitchen (Craze Foods), The Bridge, EcoMil (Nutriops), Sproud (WMake), Rude Health, Blue Diamond, Vita Coco, Sojade and Sojasun.