In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed PZ Cusson's website for the company's animal testing policy. The following statement was found in its Annual Report 2020.
"We are against all forms of animal testing in the development or marketing of our products. We do not test ingredients on animals. We do not commission or request any of our suppliers or associates to test ingredients or our products on animals. It has been some years since animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients in European Union countries was prohibited. We fully support the stance taken by governing bodies, such as the European Union, and the changes being made in this direction in other regulatory environments in China, India, the US and elsewhere to eradicate the use of animals in the testing of cosmetics globally. To safeguard our consumers, we recognise the need for reliable, fully validated non-animal testing methods and we support the charity FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments). We help to fund their independent research activities and support their campaign for better science and the advancement of non-animal methods, which we believe will benefit the whole cosmetics and household products industry."

Ethical Consumer considered the policy to be poor due to the fact it did not include a fixed cut off date and and it may still be commisioning tests in other markets where animal testing had not been banned. It therefore received Ethical Consumer worst rating and lost a whole mark under the Animal Testing category.


Annual Report 2019 (12 March 2020)