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In March 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed Avalon Organics website,, which stated: “Driven by a dedication to organic agriculture and formula transparency, all Avalon Organics products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients or the USDA National Organic Program standard.” In addition the company stated: “Humbled by a profound respect for all living beings, Avalon Organics® products are vegan* and cruelty-free. The Avalon Organics® brand never tests products on animals, and will only source ingredients that the supplier can document are not tested on animals. This commitment to kindness is represented by the leaping bunny logo that appears on product labels.” The only non-vegan product sold by the company was its lip balm which contained bees wax.


Avalon Organics website - (12 July 2012)