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In March 2020 Ethical Consumer searched Honesty Cosmetics’ website,, for information about its animal testing policy. Its website stated: “Honesty rejects animal testing as unnecessary and unacceptable. No finished product is tested on animals. We use ingredients whose safety is well established and we test finished products on human volunteers. Written details are obtained of the history of every ingredient used. We use no ingredient that has been originally tested on animals since 1976. (Long established ingredients are rarely tested or re-tested on animals, especially for cosmetic purposes)."

“All products offered through the Honesty website are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We manufacture the ‘Honesty’ ranges ourselves. We also offer a wide range of complementary products from other companies. Although their individual policies vary, we will only stock vegan products, and only stock products from companies who operate a fixed cut off date policy (where relevant) with regard to animal testing. For more information on ‘fixed cut off dates’ please see the Honesty policy statement.”

Ethical Consumer considered this to be a positive animal testing policy.

Reference: (12 March 2020)