In March 2020 Ethical Consumer searched Honesty Cosmetics’ website,, for information about its products. Its website stated: “Founded in 1984, Honesty has been manufacturing cruelty free skin and hair products for over 30 years. Right from the start our ethics were the guiding force of the company. Today our products are endorsed by The Vegan Society, BUAV Humane Cosmetics Standard, the Ethical Company Organisation ‘Good Shopping Guide’ and the Naturewatch Trust Compassionate Shopping Guide.”

“All products offered through Honesty are suitable for vegetarians, vegans or anyone wishing to avoid animal products and come from companies who adhere to compassionate policies...All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, containing no animal derived ingredients whatsoever.”

The company therefore received a positive Company Ethos mark for offering cruelty free and vegan products in a market where this was not common.

Reference: (12 March 2020)