In August 2017 Ethical Consumer viewed the Highland Spring group website for details of its environmental reporting.
The company stated, "We take daily measurements on all our catchments of both rainfall and groundwater levels to make sure we have long term records of our impact and that we are never over abstracting", and had "Soil Association organic accreditation for catchment area since 2001".
It said it had "achieved a packaging weight reduction of 13.9% for PET bottles since 2005", that "Highland Spring sparkling green glass bottles contain at least 80% recycled glass", "In 2008 we installed an 'Air Recovery System' which reduced annual energy usage by 1.25m Kilowatts", and "We have increased our use of rail freight in recent years and have been successful in transferring 4,000 lorries to rail resulting in a saving of 1m tonnes of CO2."
These statements suggested the company had a reasonable understanding of its main environmental impacts.
The company also stated that "Highland Spring Group operates an independently audited Environmental Management System (EMS) which details our environmental policy and defines performance targets, monitoring and reporting methods in order to minimise our environmental impact."
However, no quantified targets were found. No reporting of performance data was found, nor independent verification.
Overall the company received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for its environmental reporting.

Reference: (23 August 2017)