In August 2017 Ethical Consumer viewed the Belu website for details of its environmental reporting.

The company had an Environment section which stated:
"We are the only UK bottled water company to measure, reduce and report our carbon footprint in an open and transparent way to achieve PAS2060, the highest standard for credible carbon neutral claims."
"We also make bottles from green glass made with over 80% recycled materials, this reduces its carbon impact by a further 5% compared to clear glass."
"By creating a plastic bottle made with at least 50% recycled materials we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuel and we are able to use plastic that otherwise might go to landfill."
"From 2010 to 2016 we reduced our carbon footprint by 45% per litre to 433g CO2e/litre."
"Since 2008 to December 2015 we’ve invested more than £97,000 in carbon reduction projects... with leading experts Carbon Clear".

In its 2017 Impact Report it stated:
"Over 5% of all energy needs are now generated on site through the use of solar panels. This, combined with investment in a second high speed production line means the energy consumption to deliver our single use bottle range has reduced to 32g CO2e/litre — a reduction of 8% on 2015".
"In 2016, all of our Still 500ml RPET bottles were made with a preform that was 2.5g lighter, using 15% less raw materials".
"Streamlining stock movement through consolidating our production to one geographical location and as a result, reduced the total number of shipments made in 2016 by 25%."

The company showed a good understanding of its main environmental impacts, and stated that it worked to the British Standard Institute’s PAS 2060 carbon neutrality standard with industry experts Anthesis. It had an up to date report but no future quantified targets for environmental improvements. However, as a small company seen to provide an environmental and social alternative, giving 100% of its profits to the charity Water Aid, it received Ethical Consumer's best rating for its environmental reporting.

Reference: (23 August 2017)