In August 2017 Ethical Consumer viewed the One Water website for details of its environmental reporting.

The only reference to environmental impact found was the statement, "All our glass bottles are made from 35% recycled glass". Most of its drinks were packaged in plastic bottles which were labelled as 25% recycled materials.

The company is a B Corporation and a certified Carbon Neutral company, certified by Natural Capital Partners. CarbonNeutral® is a global standard awarded to businesses which have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. This is usually achieved through a combination of internal emissions reductions and the purchase of environmental instruments including renewable energy certificates and carbon credits.

There was no other info apart from about the projects that it funds out of 100% of its profits.

No environmental report was found, nor independent verification of performance, or future quantified targets.

As a small company seen to provide an environmental and social alternative, giving 100% of its profits to the charity, it received Ethical Consumer's best rating for its environmental reporting.

Reference: (24 August 2017)