We searched the Life Water website in August 2017, but could not find any information about Life Water's environmental impact except for the following statements:
100% Recyclable Including the label and the lid
20% Less Plastic Reducing plastic waste by over 100 tonnes each year
Lower Carbon Footprint Reducing CO2 emissions and better for the environment

On the International Green Awards 2012 website it stated:
"Life Water is bottled at a certified organic source in Pembrokeshire. The facility is powered by renewable electricity and bio-diesel. All recycling is done on site and carbon emissions are offset by planting broadleaf trees and shrubs in the catchment. In 2009 it became Carbon Neutral. The plastic bottles use 20% less plastic. It never exports its water."

We could not find any other information. The company therefore received our worst rating for not having an environmental report, targets or discussion of main impacts or independent verification of its impact.


https://www.life-water.co.uk/ (22 September 2017)