In September 2017, Ethical Consumer viewed Britvic’s Sustainable Business Update 2016.

Climate change, water stewardship, packaging, waste and responsible sourcing were identified as key environmental focus areas within the company's materiality exercise. However, the company did not discuss the use of pesticides in its supply chain, and was not therefore considered to have a reasonable understanding of its environmental impact.

The company recognised that they should review these across its entire supply chain, but stated that performance data and targets were currently aimed directly at its own manufacturing sites.

More than two quantified future targets were presented. These included:
- using electric vehicles for 10% of total fleet by 2020
- achieving 5% reduction in our direct CO2 emissions per tonne product produced across our European manufacturing sites, in 2017, compared to 2016 levels
- reducing the water ratio across our European manufacturing sites to 1.85 (2.5% reduction on 2016) in 2017

Environmental performance data was presented for all key environmental impacts. The report contained a thorough carbon disclosure, broken down by area of the supply chain and country of operation.

Key environmental performance data was verified by Bureau Veritas UK Limited, but the report as a whole was not independently verified.

It received Ethical Consumer's middle rating for Environmental Reporting overall.


Sustainability Report 2016 (4 October 2017)