In September 2017, Ethical Consumer sent A. G. Barr a questionnaire requesting a copy of the company's environmental policy. No response was received. Ethical Consumer also viewed the page titled ‘Our Environment’ on A.G. Barr’s website. The page showed some awareness of the company’s environmental impact, mentioning ‘Energy use and carbon emissions, water consumption and disposal, transport and logistics, waste’, and detailing previous work to increase recycling and reduce PETs. The webpage referred to the ‘our environment’ section in the Annual and Interim reports. However, the section was one paragraph long, and discussed only the move to ‘decommission the returnable glass line bottle washing equipment which accounted for more than 80% of the previous glass line’s carbon footprint.’

The company did not show reasonable awareness of its environmental impact: it did not discuss the impact of ingredients, for example through use of fertilisers and pesticides, of the extraction of water, or of transportation. It gave no environmental targets, and was not independently verified. A. G. Barr therefore received Ethical Consumer’s worst rating for Environmental Reporting.


Annual Report 2017 (20 September 2017)