In January 2018 Ethical Consumer viewed KKR's Sustainability website,, for the company's environmental report.
A 2016 ESG and Citizenship Update was viewed which talked about its commitments to reducing its impacts through its investments.
It stated "The framework for tracking our ESG management performance is aligned with the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). It is largely qualitative in nature as it focuses on the integration of ESG principles throughout the investment process."
While the company had qualitive targets for addressing ESG issues through its investments it did not have any discussion about its own environmental impacts such as energy usage, employee travel or paper use. KKR therefore was not considered to have demostrated a reasonable understanding of its environmental impacts. Nor did the company had two dated and quantified future environmental targets.
Overall it received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for environmental reporting.

Reference: (10 January 2018)

In March 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed KKR & Co's investment portofilo.

According to KKR's website the company had investments in several oil companies including Colonial Pipeline Company who "connects the robust U.S. refinery region of the Gulf Coast with customers serving communities and businesses throughout South and the Eastern United States."

It also had investments in oil and gas producers including:
- Accelerated Oil Technologies "Joint venture focused on acquiring oilfields in North America with the objective of enhancing production through the application of Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies";
- Comstock Resources "a Texas-based oil and gas producer, to develop oil and gas assets in the Eagle Ford Shale";
- EXCO Resources "Joint acquisition and drilling partnership on a portion of Chesapeake Energy's undeveloped acreage in the oil window of the Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas";
- OEG "Global offshore oilfield services provider";
- Westbrick Energy "is an oil and gas company with operations in the greater Pembina area of Alberta with over 70,000 net acres of oil and gas rights."

Due to the associated climate change impacts of investing in the oil and gas industry KKR lost a whole mark under Ethical Consumer's climate change category.

Reference: (6 March 2019)