In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed KKR's website and found that it had investments in several biopharmaceuticals companies including BridgeBio Pharma, Coherus BioSciences and Slayback Pharma.
The pharmaceutical industry was required to use animal testing for safety testing.
As a result KKR was marked down under Animal Testing for its investments.

Reference: (6 March 2019)

In April 2020 Ethical Consumer searched The Nature's Bounty's website for a policy on animal testing. No policy could be found. The website of its subsidiary company, Dr Organic, was also viewed which stated "Our parent company Nature's Bounty, Dr. Organic and our sister company Optima do not test any of our products or raw materials on animals, and do not ask any third parties to test on our behalf. In the EU it is illegal to test on animals for the purposes of the cosmetic industry but as a global Brand we are committed to being cruelty free and will never test on animals". It also stated that it did not currently sell to mainland China due to the country's legal requirement for cosmetics to be tested on animals. While this was a positive policy towards animal testing the company did not appear to have the fixed cut-off date (after which no ingredients would have been tested on animals) required to get a best rating.
Therefore, the company received Ethical Consumer's middle rating for animal testing and lost half a mark under the Animal Testing category.

Reference: (21 April 2020)

In March 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed the 'About' page on the Optima Consumer Health website. As a company that sold cosmetic products, Ethical Consumer expected the company to have a policy on animal testing. The website stated: "We do not test our products on animals."

The company therefore received Ethical Consumer's best rating for Animal Testing.

Reference: (6 March 2019)

In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the KKR portfolio, available on the company's website. It stated that the company invested in Cofco Meat. On the Cofco Meat website the company describes its business scope as: "Feed production, hog production, slaughtering, the production, distribution and sale of fresh pork and processed meat products, and the import and sale of frozen meat products." There was no mention of the animals being free range or organic, so the company was marked down for investments in companies criticised for both Animal Rights and Factory Farming.

Reference: (6 March 2019)

In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the Nature's Bounty website and saw that it retailed a number of different fish-oil products.

The website stated: "We source select fish oils in an ecologically friendly way, directly from Peru – just look for the Pure-Catch™ logo on out labels. We go to Peru because the Peruvian government has strict standards and governance on their surrounding waterways, to properly ensure the protection of the fish. Since Peruvian fisheries yield to spawning during the summer and winter seasons, fish are vital resources for Peru that they value greatly, and go above and beyond to protect. The fisheries in Peru also comply with stringent quality regulations, which ensure that we, at Nature’s Bounty, can deliver premium quality Omega-3 Fish Oil to our customers. You can trust that when we source our ingredients, we do our best to maintain the conservation of marine living resources. The Marine Research Institute (IMARPE), a recognized world-class authority, works with the Peruvian government to manage the controls of fish stock along their waterways. Small, effective fleets are used in the fishing process; and no facility is allowed to receive fish from vessels without a valid license. All catches in Peru are carefully reviewed to meet rigorous quality checks. That’s how we know for sure that our ingredients are the purest, freshest, and most ecologically sourced. Our Peruvian fish oil, is a premium, superior-quality fish oil for you and your family. Our trademarked Peruvian fish oil, Pure-Catch™ is a premium, superior-quality fish oil for you and your family."

The company lost a whole mark under Animal Rights for retailing fish.

Reference: (22 April 2020)