In August 2018 Ethical Consumer viewed Amnesty International's website for its Ethical Buying Policy.
The following information was found on a page called "About Amnesty Shop".
It said that its products were branded depending on their different ethical elements. For instance the Amnesty branded icon meant that the product contained information about Amnesty's work and campaigns.
It also had Eco Friendly, Educational, Fair Trade, Organic and Recycled icons.
With regards to retailing Fair Trade produce it stated "Many of our suppliers are registered with one of these organisations (FLO or WFTO) but we don’t insist; some can’t afford it, some are just starting out, some are too small, and some just don’t want to."
Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust, according to the Charity Commision, had an income of £16m. It received Ethical Consumer's best rating for its supply chain management due to the fact it was considered to have an effective if not explicit practice in supply chain management. This was because many of its suppliers were FLO or WFTO certified. It also had a full list of its suppliers available on its website.

Reference: (1 August 2018)

In August 2018 Ethical Consumer viewed Amnesty International shop's website and found that it sold a range of Amnesty branded clothing. All of its clothing was made from organic and Fairtrade cotton. As such Ethical Consumer considered Amnesty to have a positive policy for its cotton sourcing policy.

Reference: (24 August 2018)