The Guardian online,, reported in April 2014 that the Japanese online retailer Rakuten had agreed to end all online sales of whale and dolphin meat by the end of April 2014, after the international court of justice ordered Japan to immediately halt its annual whale hunts in the southern ocean.
Rakuten said it had asked sellers to cancel sales of whale meat products on its website “in accordance” with the ICJ ruling. Monday’s verdict in the Hague, however, did not cover whale meat sales in Japan, which were legal, or the country’s slaughter of a smaller number of whales in the north-west Pacific and in its own coastal waters.
When Ethical Consumer checked on the status of this story in August 2018, Rakuten had reportedly agreed to end elephant ivory sales, according to Humane Society International, but no news reports corroborating this could be found. Therefore the company was considered not to have changed it stance since 2014.


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