In August 2018 Ethical Consumer viewed Nkuku's website for its policy on supply chain management.

Ethical Consumer expected ethical online retailers with a turnover of less than £10.2m to have the following in terms of supply chain management:

1. Does the company have a publicly available policy which states what criteria suppliers must meet in order to be included on the website?
The company states that it worked with "independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives"

2. Does the company have a publicly available policy which states what workers' rights suppliers must meet?
The company stated: "We adhere to the standard globally recognised 10 Principles Of Fair Trade, but have our own procedures for the management of our supply base. A key principle for us is working with suppliers who are at the start of their fair trade process. Providing that there is the desire to start on an ethical journey, we will invest in the supplier to help them achieve this. As a result we will have suppliers who are at varying stages of their own accreditation." The World Fair Trade Organisations 10 principles of Fair Trade included provisions on workers rights including child labour, forced labour, employment free from discrimination, and fair payment.

3. Does the company have a publicly available policy which states how the company plans to monitor suppliers' compliance?
The company stated that it made "regular visits and employ agents who also visit our suppliers often, to assist with production queries and offer support and advice. We allow long lead times to ensure that no unnecessary pressure is placed on production and that capacity is not exceeded."

4. Does the company have a publicly available list of current suppliers and if possible what ethical criteria they meet.
Yes the website had information about each artisan.

The company was considered to have an effective if not explicit policy addressing workers' rights due to the fact it worked with small artisan producers and provided assistance in developing their products. It also stated that it adhered to the WFTO 10 principles of fair trade which included provisions concerning workers' rights. As a result Nkuku received Ethical Consumer's best rating for supply chain management.

Reference: (15 August 2018)