In August 2018 Ethical Consumer received a questionnaire response from Wearth stating: "Everything that we do at Wearth London puts the environment first, you can see the ways we do this in our about us page. As promoting eco living is at the heart of what we do and we run our business as efficiently as possible, we don’t feel like we need to have a specific environmental report at this stage. As our company grows and operationally we need to ensure that we continue to be as efficient as possible to ensure our company does not damage the environment in anyway then we would consider having an environmental report."

It went on to state:
"We have a range of general criteria for our brands (these are all highlighted in the ethical and environmental standards as well as our supplier legal agreements, to summarise these are:
• Products have sustainability at the heart of their production, including, but not reserved to, the predominant use of glass/metal instead of plastic, recycled/upcycled materials and natural/non-toxic ingredients.
• All products are produced fairly and does not involve the exploitation of workers.
• All products are cruelty-free, not be tested on animals and not consist of any materials/ ingredients of animal origin.
• Packaging is environmentally conscious, including the use of recyclable packaging"

It had the following criteria for different categories:
- Natural Beauty only "natural ingredients, paper or reusable glass or metal packaging, made in small batches."
- Jewellery only "Work direct with UK jewellery makers who use recycled silver."
- Zero Waste "Encourage plastic-free lifestyle. We also have a our plastic-free filter on all our product departments as well as our shop by values feature where our customers can shop completely plastic-free including the delivery packaging."
- Homewares & Furniture – "UK only brands, emphasis on accredited sustainable or recycled materials."

Ethical Consumer considered Wearth to be a small company (turnover less than £10.2m) and providing an environmental alternative. It therefore received a best rating for its environmental reporting.


Questionnaire (15 August 2018)