In August 2018 Ethical Consumer received a questionnaire response from Veopolis. With regards to its supply chain management it stated "As part of our 'vendor onboarding' approval process we require the vendors and brands that manufacture products to provide us with a full breakdown of their supply chains. We then summarise this, to score it, and share it in the vendor product ‘Impact’ tabs. We only work with vendors that as well as having positive social & environmental impact processes in place also ensure supply chain workers are paid fairly and not exploited in 'sweatshop' or equivalent conditions, and if not officially certified 'fairtrade' then ensuring to meet criteria where the following minimum labour standards are met: No use of child labour, No use of forced labour, Safe and healthy working conditions, Legal labour contracts, Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, No discrimination against employees, No excessive hours of work, Payment of living wage."

It was noted that Veopolis had approached Ethical Consumer to work on updating its vendor signups and products & supply chain review processes. Looking to be launched in January 2019.

Ethical Consumer considered Veopolis to have an effective if not explicit policy addressing workers' rights due to the fact it required suppliers to provide a full breakdown of their supply chains. Veopolis could go further and define its workers' rights in line with the ILO conventions.
Due to the fact it had a turnover of less than £10.2m and had an effective if not explicit policy addressing workers' rights it received Ethical Consumer's best rating.


Questionnaire (31 August 2018)