In August 2018 Ethical Consumer received a questionnaire response from Acala. Acala was an online market place for beauty products with the aim of offering products "All responsibly packaged; refills, plastic free and zero waste packaging".

With regards to its own environmental impact it stated, "We donate 5% of our profits to support the wonderful work of Friends of the Earth. Friends of the Earth are committed to beating plastic pollution. We have also carried out the test to understand our current carbon footprint. We used Climate Action Hub to calculate our current carbon footprint. The test required us to input our current waste, our energy usage and the details of our deliveries and suppliers so the footprint of the whole supply chain can be calculated. Our current carbon footprint output per year stands at 14 tonnes of CO2. We would love to become a certified carbon neutral company but sadly the certification costs are just too high for us at the moment as a new business. So, for now, we are investing in carbon offsetting schemes that allow us to neutralise our 14 tonnes of CO2:
-We invest in the worlds first plastic neutral scheme.
-We are teaming up with Carbon Footprint to support their programme to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest and increase biodiversity in the the region.
Our goal is to become a zero waste business. We're going to be documenting our commercial waste for the world of social media, that way we can be transparent, get more suggestions from you lovely lot and also encourage our suppliers to keep making changes."

Acala had a turnover of less than £10.2 million and was considered to be providing an environmental alternative. As such it received Ethical Consumer's best rating for environmental reporting.


Questionnaire (31 August 2018)