An email exchange with Joe from Veo World ( in April 2019 stated:
" our policies towards animal welfare mean that every product sold on the marketplace is 100% vegan friendly. To ensure this we have captured in our application process a number of declarations from vendors, to ensure no animal products, and also that no animal testing occurs in the supply chain. This is either by Vegan Society mark, PETA approved Vegan mark, or the Leaping Bunny marks. This applies to brands and/or suppliers, so if the brand themselves are yet obtain one of the marks for their products, then they have opportunity to demonstrate that their raw material suppliers are certified with the Humane Cosmetics standards. Where necessary we will ask vendors to disclose their supplier and provide a link to their accreditation or policy to confirm.
From this every product sold has an animal testing policy with a FCOD (we prefer the 11th March 2013 as the date the EU testing ban was enforced), but often the Leaping Bunny mark can still be awarded from a more recent date, just as long as it is not a rolling date and is fixed."
"Cruelty free is a requirement of all brands and products to sell on the platform." therefore received our best rating for animal testing policy.


An email exchange with Joe from Veo World ( in April 2019 (29 April 2019)