In May 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed the Electoral Commission website. It stated that Sanofi had given two donations to Tory party MPs in the last few years: one of £79,768.00 in 2016 and one of £16,221.00 In 2017.


General ref 2019 (2 January 2019)

In May 2019, Ethical Consumer viewed Sanofi's page on the Open Secrets website, which stated that in 2018 the company and its employees had given $1,020,019 to US political candidates, with 57% going to Republicans. It also spent $4,680,0000 on lobbying.


Open Secrets generic ref 2019 (2 January 2019)

In April 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed its list of free trade lobby group members, updated in Feb 2019 from the websitess of the relevant organisations. Sanofi was listed as a member of the following organisations:

World Economic Forum
American Legislative Exchange Council

Ethical Consumer defined these as corporate lobby groups which lobbied for free trade at the expense of the environment, animal welfare, human rights or health protection.


Ethical Consumer Lobby Group member list (7 February 2019)

In May 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed the most recent Sanofi annual report for information on how much it paid its senior staff. Staff were listed who were paid over £1 million, the amount that Ethical Consumer considered excessive. The CEO was paid 7,276,022 euros in 2018.


Annual report 2018 (7 May 2019)

In May 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed the Sanofi family tree on the Hoovers website. Sanofi had high risk company types in several jurisdictions that Ethical Consumer viewed as being tax havens at the time of writing, including Switzlerlan and the Netherlands. Sanofi's annual report was viewed but it contained no country by country tax reporting. As a result Sanofi received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for likely use of tax avoidance strategies.


Generic Hoovers ref 2019 (2 January 2019)