In February 2020, Ethical Consumer viewed Edgewell's corporate animal testing policy.
This stated that it is the company's policy "to avoid animal testing on our products whenever possible" and that Edgewell "only performs animal testing on products where required to do so by law, or where no acceptable alternative exists to assess the safety of a product for consumer use."

Ethical Consumer considered Edgewell's commitment to avoid animal testing to be vague and the caveats that testing is only done 'by law' were insufficient.
Edgewell therefore received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for animal testing and lost a mark under the Animal Testing category.


Edgewell Personal Care Company Policy Statement on Animal Testing (10 February 2020)

When searched by Ethical Consumer in March 2020, Cruelty Free International listed Bulldog Natural Skincare as being Leaping Bunny certified. The company was not given a Company Ethos mark for this as the certification does not cover the whole company group.

Reference: (1 September 2015)