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In February 2020, Ethical Consumer received a completed questionnaire from Beiersdorf, which contained the following response to a question regarding the company's animal testing policy:

"Beiersdorf does not conduct any animal testing for cosmetic products and their ingredients and does not have any animal testing done on its behalf – unless, in the very rare case, this is specifically required by law. Animal testing for cosmetic products has been completely banned in the EU since 2004, and for all the ingredients of these products since 2013. Beiersdorf, of course, follows these legal requirements and, for a long time before, also actively forewent animal testing worldwide whenever legally possible. We have been committed to the development and international acceptance of alternative test methods for more than 35 years. We are convinced that animal testing is not necessary to prove the skin tolerability and effectiveness of our cosmetic products."

As this did not include a clear statement that the company never tested on animals anywhere in the world, or had a fixed cut-off date, it received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for animal testing and lost a full mark in this category.


Questionnaire response February 2020 (12 February 2020)