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In February 2020, Ethical Consumer searched the Walgreens Boots Alliance website for the company's animal testing policy. A document containing all the company's policy statements was found, which included an animal testing policy.

This stated that WBA does not test on animals, but stated: "Until satisfactory replacements are available and all regulatory authorities stop requiring animal tests, we recognize that other companies may continue to carry out some animal testing in order to meet certain legislative and regulatory requirements and to protect the health of consumers.
As a result, suppliers of ingredients, components and finished goods used in Walgreens Boots Alliance may have to or continue to carry out tests on animals."

Ethical Consumer could not find a fixed cut off date for ingredients tested on animals. Due to the fact the company could not guarantee that raw ingredients were not tested on animals and sold animal tested costmetics, toiletries and household products the company recieved Ethical Consumer's worst rating for its animal testing policy.



In February 2020, Ethical Consumer searched the Walgreen website. The website showed a number of ready meals in the frozen food section which contained meat and were not labelled as containing free-range or organic meat.
As a result, the company lost whole marks under the Animal Rights and Factory Farming categories.

Reference: (2020)

In February 2020, Ethical Consumer viewed Boots' website. It displayed a number of meat and dairy products for sale that were not labelled as free range or organic. It consequently lost whole marks under Factory Farming as well as the Animal Rights category.

Reference: (2020)