In March 2020, Ethical Consumer searched Green People's website for information on the company's use of nanotechnology.

The company stated that it did use nanotechnology in its products. It stated:

"The use of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in our organic sun lotions was not a decision that was taken lightly here at Green People, but after our extensive research we are completely confident that they are safe to use. They bring fantastic natural UV protection to our products, which otherwise would only be achievable by using synthetic chemical filters, which we would never use. The claim that nanoparticles in sun creams can enter the bloodstream and affect living tissue has been totally disproven by every scientific test. To doubly ensure the safety of using nanoparticles in our sun creams, we never combine them with any active ingredient that specialises in penetrating the skin (used in some of our products to provide deep moisturisation). This guarantees that they won’t be transported beneath the top layer of dead skin cells by any other skin penetrating substances."

Ethical Consumer considered nanotechnology to be a technology that carried potential environmental and health risks, and had not yet been sufficiently established as safe. The company therefore lost half a mark in the Controversial Technologies category.

Reference: (2020)