In March 2020, we viewed the Governance & Financial Statements 2018 of PZ Cussons which listed a director, C G Davis, paid over £1 million in 2018. Ethical Consumer considered remuneration over £1 million to be execessive. As a result the company lost half a mark under the Anti Social Finance categories.


Governance & Financial Statements 2018 (11 March 2020)

In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed PZ Cussons Plc's Annual Report 2019 which listed several subsidiaries registered in countries considered by Ethical Consumer to be tax havens at the time of writing. No country by country reporting could be found. Furthermore it listed PZ Cussons Singapore Private Limited which was a holding company based in Singapore.

A holding subsidiary was considered by Ethical Consumer to be a high risk of being used for tax avoidance strategies. Singapore was also on Ethical Consumer's tax haven list at the time of writing.
PZ Cussons received Ethical Consumer's middle rating for the likely use of tax avoidance strategies.


Annual Report 2019 (12 March 2020)