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In February 2020, Ethical Consumer sent Conscious Skincare a questionnaire requesting information about its pollution and toxic policy. The company responded saying that its last Ethical Consumer questionnaire (received in February 2019) was still correct. Its 2019 questionnaire was therefore viewed and its website searched for additional information.

According to the company website, "Over 98% of the ingredients we use to create our organic skincare are certified organic by one of the following organisations; Soil Association, Ecocert, USDA. Sometimes an organic version of an ingredient is not available or does not exist... Our skincare is handmade in a Soil Association Approved facility."

Soil Association certification contained some provisions for workers' rights.

Its completed questionnaire (received in February 2019) stated: "The type of supplier we choose all have statements concerning workers rights and [the] anti slavery act. We know our suppliers well… we carefully select a limited number of suppliers. We select them based on the type of product we need from them and then verify other ethics and values we look for which comply with our own brand ethics; ingredients and finished products not tested on animals, no animal derivatives, palm oil free, free from a range of allergens, who is the parent company and what do they do”.

"Companies from whom we source raw materials tend to be either certified by the Soil Association, Ecocert and / or carry other current 3rd party certifications. We do not have a schedule of audits but we do audit our suppliers periodically as part of our licensing requirements with Cruelty Free International....”
"We have a preference for long term contracts with suppliers with whom we build long term relationships. We look for statements on sustainability, working with co-operatives to source raw materials and support for local projects and communities."

Its website had further information on some of its ingredients that had been sourced Fair Trade, for example: "The karite trees from which our raw Shea ingredients are sourced are cultivated by a certified Fair Trade cooperative in Ghana, which was built to give local people an opportunity to overcome severe poverty."
No supply chain policy was found. However, as the company had a turnover of under £10.2million it was given a partial exemption from full supply chain management. As it sourced Soil Association certified ingredients, chose suppliers with workers rights policies, had a preference for long-term suppliers and sourced from co-operatives, it was considered to have effective if not explicit practice.

It therefore received Ethical Consumer's best rating for Supply Chain Management overall.


Conscious Skincare email (13 March 2020)