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In February 2020 Ethical Consumer sent Caurnie Soap Co a questionnaire, requesting information about its supply chain management policies and practices. No response was received. Ethical Consumer therefore searched the company’s website,, in March 2020 for publicly available information.

The website stated: “The Caurnie Soaperie in Kirkintilloch first opened in 1922. The aim was simple: to create Scottish natural skin care products from organic herbs and essential oils...Furthermore, we try source all our ingredients locally, and use ethical methods of farming and processing.’ Ethical Consumer considered this to be addressing a difficult issue in its supply chain.

No further information could be found regarding how the company ensured workers’ rights were upheld throughout its supply chain. Although the company was small (turnover less than £10.2million) whose operation appeared to be based in Scotland, in absence of any detailed information, the company received a middle rating for its Supply Chain Management.

Reference: (16 March 2020)