In March 2020 Ethical Consumer received a completed questionnaire from Organii Ltd, which contained a question on the company's policy on animal testing. The company provided the following statement:

"ORGANii does not, and has never, tested on animals (as covered in the organic certifications for each product)."

While this was considered positive the company did not provide a fixed cut-off date after which no new ingredients would have been tested on animals. As such it received Ethical Consumer's middle rating for Animal Testing and lost half a mark under this category.


Ethical Consumer questionnaire responses (2020)

In March 2020, Ethical Consumer viewed the Pravera website, which stated that none of its products were tested on animals.

As the company operated in a sector where animal testing is common and has a policy of not testing products or ingredients on animals, and of not commissioning such tests but did not have a fixed cut-off date (i.e. a specific date set by the company after which it will not use any new ingredients tested on animals), it received Ethical Consumer's middle rating for animal testing and lost half a mark under the Animal Testing category.

Reference: (2020)