In December 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the Bookshop website for the company's environmental policy or report. No such information could be found. An environmental policy was deemed necessary to report on a company's environmental performance and set targets for reducing its impacts in the future. A strong policy would include two future, quantified environmental targets, demonstration by the company that it had a reasonable understanding of its main environmental impacts, be dated within two years and have its environmental data independently verified.

Bookshop did not appear to meet any of these criteria therefore it received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for Environmental Reporting and lost a whole mark in this category.

Reference: (1 December 2020)

In December 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the Bookshop website and found that its affiliates retailed books that were not all labelled or marked as being FSC certified or recycled. Ethical Consumer viewed Bookshop's website for the company's policy on timber sourcing. No policy or information was identified.

Ethical Consumer's timber sourcing ranking required companies scoring a 'best' to cover six of the below issues:
1. Having a timber sourcing policy that covers all timber and timber-derived products
2. the exclusion of illegal timber or that sourced from unknown sources and...
3. ...a discussion on how a company ensures/ implements this
4. clear targets for sourcing timber from sustainably managed sources
5. a discussion of a good minimum standard
6. preference given to certified sources
7. a discussion about tropical hardwoods (THW) and the percentage of THW sourced that are FSC certified
8. involvement with a multi-stakeholder initiative or bridging programme such as the World Wildlife Fund- Global Forest Trade Network
9. use of reclaimed or recycled wood/ paper
10. a high total percentage (50%+) of FSC certified timber sourced by the company.

Bookshop received Ethical Consumer's worst rating due to the fact it did not appear to require its sellers to meet any of these criteria. It lost a whole mark under Habitats and Resources.

Reference: (1 December 2020)