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In April 2021 Ethical Consumer viewed Reckitt Benckiser's website for its animal testing policy. It stated:

"RB products must comply with the regulations in countries where they are marketed, and this may on limited occasions require animal studies to support the safety or efficacy of certain ingredients and/or products. It is our policy not to conduct or commission tests unless required by government agencies or where RB is ethically obliged to ensure the safety and efficacy of our infant nutrition products."

"RB’s pest control business plays a key role in public health management and in support of this limited tests on rodents and insects may be conducted to confirm the efficacy of innovative pest control products."

As a result the company received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for its animal testing policy and lost a whole mark under Animal Testing.


Corporate website (24 April 2019)

In April 2021 Ethical Consumer viewed Reckitt Benckiser's website.

A company document stated "our dairy farming suppliers are typically based in western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US. We’re focusing on animal welfare and effective environmental action through the Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP)." Ethical Consumer viewed the SDP website and it did not appear to have any policy against the use of factory farming.

The company consequently lost marks under Factory Farming as well as the Animal Rights category.

Reference: (28 April 2021)