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On 29th April 2021, Ethical Consumer searched the Ecoliving website for the company's animal testing policy as it sold both own-brand and third party cosmetic and household cleaning products. No such policy was found on the company's website. However Ecoliving was listed on the PETA website as a 'Beauty without bunnies' company, a certification that assured that the company did not test on animals. The PETA certification did not include a fixed cut off date.

The company did not appear to have a fixed cut-off date elsewhere on its website. The company was a small business (annual turnover less than £10.2 million) and had demonstrated a commitment to preventing animal testing through the whole company being certified by Peta. However its website lacked any clear statement against carrying out or commissioning tests on animals across all products. Moreover the company lacked any policy position around cosmetic products manufactured by other companies which it retailed.

Overall, it received a middle rating and lost half a mark under Animal Testing.

Reference: (26 April 2021)