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In April 2021 Ethical Consumer sent Bentley Organics a questionnaire, requesting information about the company’s supply chain management. No response was received. On 3rd May 2021 Ethical Consumer searched the company’s website for publicly available information. No report or policy could be found.

The ‘About us’ section of the website stated that "we stand by two key philosophies; firstly that all products are Soil Association certified as a guarantee to our consumers of their organic integrity. And secondly that we are ‘Of the Earth, not costing the Earth’, as an integrated manufacturer and supplier we are able to offer our customers a better value product – we believe organic products should be reasonably, not premium, priced".

Soil Association certification required third part audits of suppliers and contained some provisions for workers’ rights. As Bentley Organic was a company with a turnover under £10.2million which demonstrated a commitment to environmental and social sustainability in its supply chain, the company received Ethical Consumer's best rating for Supply Chain Management.

Reference: (26 April 2021)