Podcast: Episode 3 — The Future of Transport

In this podcast, we tackle the intricate issues involved with electric cars, road use and encouraging more people to cycle.

We speak to Ethical Consumer researcher and transport specialist Josie Wexler, Pete Abel from Friends of the Earth and Beth Barrett from Lady Pedal.

This episode was produced by Georgina Rawes and edited by Tom Bryson.

Joanna Long, a writer and researcher at Ethical Consumer presents the Ethical Consumer podcast. Here is what she had to say about our latest episode which is on transport:

"Transport is at the forefront of many top news stories right now, from illegal air pollution to falsified emissions ratings. And given that we are now in a climate emergency, our transport choices are an immediate, everyday way in which we as individuals can make a positive difference. It's great to see the changes taking place in the landscape of travel, from the emergence of electric cars and bikes, to car clubs and cycling groups. We're also hearing more people question whether there might be a different, more people- and planet- friendly way to design our villages, towns and cities." 

Find out more about the issues that we discussed in our transport section:

In our next podcast, we will delve into the complex issue of supermarkets. Send us your questions about supermarkets at podcast@ethicalconsumer.org and we'll aim to answer three of them in the next episode. 

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