Amazon workers strike in Germany

30 October 2014
Distribution centres hit by latest round of industrial action

Anti-G4S protesters force Manchester City Council meeting to close

Campaigners want the Council to stop awarding contracts to security...

Co-operative Bank still attractive for ethical consumers

Shaun Fensom from the Save Our Bank campaign on the...

Six weeks of killing badgers – a post-mortem

Guest blog from Badger Action News

Positive Investing report reveals growth in ethical money sector

Record 1.75 million people invest 3.25bn in social & environmental...

First FTSE 100 company awarded Fair Tax Mark

SSE achieves high tax standard

Fairtrade Foundation celebrates 20 years

Event in London celebrated Fairtrade

India bans import of cosmetics tested on animals

Campaigners celebrate massive victory

Democracy is no spectator sport

Phenomenal response to initiative against TTIP

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How to help the honey bee

Our latest guide to honey examines the plight of the overworked honey bee and shows you which honey to buy to help save them. Includes organic and local honey, bee welfare issues, neonicotinoids and GMOs.

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Move Your Movey offer

Fair Tax Mark - Rewarding businesses that pay a fair amount of tax

We have joined forces with Tax Research UK to launch the Fair Tax Mark, helping consumers to easily identify and support responsible tax-paying business.

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Ethical Shopping

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Find out more about the ethical kitemark

You can only find Ethical Consumer's Best Buy label on the most ethical products. See which companies have it and where you can find their products.

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Procter and Gamble - company profile

adidas corporate profile


From Duracell batteries to Head and Shoulders shampoo, Procter and Gamble sells products through over 50 different brand names in 180 countries.

Do its ethics match its reach?

Average product rating 0.5 / 20.

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