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Last updated: December 2017


Amazon and Tax


Has Amazon finally started paying a fairer rate of tax? The latest from the Boycott Amazon campaign.

In 2016, Amazon's UK subsidiary (Amazon UK Services) paid £7.4m in corporate taxes on sales of £1.5bn. This was a drop in the amount paid from £15.8 million the year before.

This is despite the fact that in May 2015, Amazon announced that they would begin to pay a fairer rate of tax.  

In a statement from the company dated May 2015 it said they would start to book retail sales through its UK branch from May 1st 2015, ending the practice which saw them route sales directly through a Luxembourg subsidiary.


So, has Amazon transferred profits to local branches?

In short, Amazon still, as yet, isn't paying much tax in the UK as well as a number of other countries. It has been suggested that this is because Amazon might be shifting around its profits to hide them. 

Amazon paid just €16.5m (£15m) in tax on European revenues of €21.6bn (£19.5bn) reported through Luxembourg in 2016.

If Amazon wants to persuade people that it is not doing anything dodgy, there is a solution, which is to institute proper country-by-country reporting, as advocated by the Fair Tax Mark, the OECD and others. Then we will all be able to get a clear picture on the state of their tax affairs. 

In the meantime, we have to assume that Amazon is still shirking its tax responsibilities and therefore, our boycott against them continues. 

Read our feature on 'Amazon and Tax' for more information.


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