Boycott Amazon

Amazon is the UK's number one tax avoider


Taxes fund our schools, hospitals and public services, but Amazon aren't paying their fair share. 

Amazon's UK subsidiary (which also includes brands, Kindle, paid £3.2m in corporate taxes in 2012 on sales of £4.3bn - a rate of less than 0.1%. 

We need to use our consumer power to make Amazon pay a fair rate of tax.




 Our exclusive interview with Margaret Hodge MP. Recorded January 2015.




MPs support call for shoppers to boycott Amazon 

MPs Natascha Engel, Meg Hillier, Margaret Hodge, John McDonnell, Michael Meacher, Austin Mitchell, Grahame Morris and Dennis Skinner are all backing a boycott of Amazon this Christmas. 

Margaret Hodge has been boycotting Amazon since the company's appearance before the House of commons public accounts select committee which she chairs, she said:

“It's hugely important that we all take a stand and damage the reputation and business of companies such as Amazon that deliberately avoid paying their fare share of tax to the common purse for the common good.”

“If enough people boycott Amazon then we will damage their business. Amazon's market share and reputation matters.”

Read our exclusive interview with Margaret Hodge



Join the Campaign


Consumers all over the world are wising up to Amazon's tax avoidance schemes. Join the growing movement of people boycotting the company until they pay their fair share of tax.




Email Amazon and let them know you are boycotting them.








Shop with tax-paying alternatives to Amazon



Find alternative companies which do pay a fair amount of tax.

Check our product guides to buying books, DVDs, music, film & TV streaming sites, PC and video games, e-readers and more..






A word about Amazon marketplace

Our boycott is of Amazon products and does not extend to third parties selling on the Amazon marketplace. We do however recommend trying to search for the marketplace seller in order to try to buy from them direct where possible.







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