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In May 2015 Amazon announced it will start to pay a fairer rate of tax here in the UK.  

In a statement the company said it started to book retail sales through its UK branch from May 1st 2015, ending the practice which saw them route sales through a Luxembourg subsidiary.

However we are urging people to continue with the Amazon boycott  as we want to make sure that this is 100% going to be the case and we won't know that until around this time next year when Amazon releases more financial information.




Amazon is the UK's number one tax avoider.

At a time when our public services are being slashed and household budgets are under increasing strain it's not fair that big companies such as Amazon aren't paying their way.

What sets Amazon apart is that their whole business model appears to be built around using tax avoidance as a way to help make their prices among the cheapest online

Consumer power can make Amazon pay a fair rate of tax.




Tell Amazon that you are boycotting them!


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Dear Amazon,


I'm sending you this email to inform you that I am boycotting your company because of your aggressive tax avoidance.


In this time of austerity everyone needs to be paying their fair share of tax.


We need this money to keep open the vital services that benefit the most vulnerable members of society including children, the sick and the elderly.


Your tax revenue could help to do this.


Amazon directly profits from our transport infrastructure, an educated workforce and health service which are all paid for by tax-payers.


Paying just £1.8 million in corporation tax on revenues of over £2.9 billion in 2011 is not acceptable. 


I believe that selling cheap products at the expense of public services is immoral and therefore I will no longer buy from Amazon until it pays a fair amount of tax.


Instead I will be spending my money with companies who pay their taxes


Yours Faithfully,




This email was generated in conjunction with www.ethicalconsumer.org, which promotes the use of consumer power as a force for social change. 

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