Amazon Boycott

We're winning - Amazon anounce they'll start to pay a fairer rate of tax in the UK 

Consumers all over the world are wising up to Amazons tax avoidance. Join the growing movement of people boycotting the company until we're sure they've paid their fair share of tax.

Take action using our alternatives to Amazon guide and email the company to let them know you won't be using their site.

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Current boycotts list

The most comprehensive English language list of active boycotts

Our boycott list is widely regarded as the most comprehensive English-language list of progressive boycotts. We regularly add boycotts to the list and you can help by emailing the news editor with any relevant information.

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Latest boycott news

From the current issue of Ethical Consumer Magazine

Every issue we publish varous stories from the boycott world including updates on our Amazon campaign.

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About Boycotts

Find out more about the power of boycotts

For Ethical Consumer, boycotts offer campaign groups and/or individuals the chance to exert economic pressure on companies. They are particularly appropriate when governments are unwilling or unable to introduce reforms. We see them as a vitally important extension of our formal democracy.

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Successful Boycotts

The ones that won

Boycotts have a long and noble history of contributing to progressive social change, as well as succeeding in their more immediate goals. They have played a significant role in everything from the abolition of slavery to the curtailment of the fur industy.

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How to set up a boycott

A quick fire guide to starting your own campaign.

Are you fed up of hearing about a company behaving badly? Are you angry with a company for the way it conducts its business? Why not boycott it and encourage others to do the same?

Here's a quick guide to setting up your own consumer boycott. 

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Boycott news archive

From the pages of Ethical Consumer magazine.

All the stories from the past 20 issues of Ethical Consumer magazine

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