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Ethical alternatives to mainstream economics


This section reports on the crisis of capitalism and the surge in support for credit unions, co-operatives and ethical banks.

Cartoon by Chris Madden, a regular contributor to Ethical Consumer magazine.

B Corp

Image: B Corp

The Rise of the B Corporation

From Patagonia to Ben & Jerry’s, some of the world’s most high-profile ethical brands have been converting their businesses into ‘B Corporations’. With thousands of other companies now choosing the same route, we ask what is so good about this new type of company.

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Share Economy

Is Sharing Really Caring?

The new share economy is creating a massive global buzz, but how ethical really is it, asks Simon Birch?

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Co-operative Business

The People's Economy

Arthur Potts Dawson of the People’s Supermarket and Ed  Mayo of Co-operatives UK explain today’s resurgence of interest in co-operatives. 

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Ethical Economics

What is a tax haven?

Richard Murphy from the Tax Justice Network explains exactly what a tax haven is.

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Special Report: Banking Industry

banking special report

A new direction for banking?

Product guides to savings and current accounts, ISAs and mortgages.

The issues around campaigning for change following the banking crisis, and what you can do as a consumer. 

We also look at the role of mutuals and credit unions, Islamic banking, and the case for a Tobin tax. 

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Move Your Money

The banks have failed us and something has to change

Banks rely on the deposits of ordinary savers. So when you choose where you keep your money, you are choosing between supporting business as usual or taking a simple but powerful step towards a better banking system and a better future.

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