Badger Free Milk

Use the information below to ensure you're not buying milk from a dairy that is inside the cull zone



The following companies where all Best Buys in our 2012 product guide to milk and source their dairy products from outside the cull zones:

Calon Wen. Available in Wales and the border counties.

Yeo Valley. Available in supermarkets across the country.

Bowland. Sold through supermarkets in the North West.

Graham’s. Available throughout Scotland.

Duchy Originals. Sold through Waitrose.

Dale Farm.  Available in Northern Ireland.



Dairy-free alternatives

The following companies were all Best Buys in our 2012 product guide to dairy-free alternatives to milk:

Soya milk




The Bridge

Other dairy free alternatives

Good Hemp (hemp milk)

EcoMil (almond milk)

Oatly (oat milk)

Rice & Rice (rice milk)


For more on the issues of milk and dairy farming see our special report on the dairy industry.

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