Make Bananas Fair


In the last 10 years, a bitter price war has seen the UK supermarket sector almost halve the price of loose bananas while the cost of producing them has doubled. This is trapping many banana farmers and workers in poverty.

Powered by research from Ethical Consumer, the Fairtrade Foundation has launched a new Make Bananas Fair campaign, aiming to transform the banana industry, and help get a fair deal for those at the sharp end of the supply chain. 

The campaign is all about ensuring all banana farmers and farm workers earn enough to enjoy a decent standard of living, work in safe conditions and have proper rights and benefits.



Supermarket table 

Ethical Consumer was commissioned by the Fairtrade Foundation to conduct research into the UK's leading nine supermarkets efforts to make their banana supply chains fairer and more sustainable. 

Using publicly available information and questionnaire feedback from the supermarkets, the Supermarket Scorecard assesses their performance against sustainability criteria (social, economic and environmental) as well as indicators on transparency.



The Super Market Banana Score Card






See the campaign report by the Fairtrade Foundation (pdf opens in a new window) 

See the scorecard research summary (pdf opens in a new window).

See all the details behind the scores (pdf opens in a new window).

See the detailed score table (spreadsheet opens in new window).




Take Action

Visit the Fair Banana campaign website to sign a petition to Business Secretary Vince Cable.



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