Save Our Bank

The aim of the Save Our Bank campaign is to keep the Co-op Bank ethical and return it to mutual ownership at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Co-op Bank's status as an ethical bank is at risk as is goes through a process of restructuring and is likely to be partly taken over by hedge funds.

Many people are already thinking of switching to a more ethical bank, but we say,

"Don’t switch yet"

If we switch now we lose any chance to wield our influence.

Instead sign up to our campaign so that we can use our collective power to influence what is going on. 

We are already in our thousands, and the more of us there are, the more we can make our voice heard.


Sign up then spread the word - @saveourbank  #saveourbank



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What we want - see the details of what we are campaigning for

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Sign up - Join the campaign to keep the Co-op Bank ethical and democratic