The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would be the biggest bilateral trade deal in history. It is likely to result in the erosion of environmental and social regulations and make privatisation of public services much more difficult to reverse.

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Victory for campaigners?

Luckily, TTIP is pretty much dead in the water and it is shaping up to be a massive victory for trade justice campaigns. It won’t be going through before the US elections in November 2016, and both presidential candidates oppose it. French and German elections will follow, and the deal is increasingly unpopular with the electorate: 300,000 people joined protests against TTIP and CETA in Germany in September 2016.


We discuss these issues and many more in our series of features on TTIP below. 

B Corp

Image: B Corp

The Rise of the B Corporation

From Patagonia to Ben & Jerry’s, some of the world’s most high-profile ethical brands have been converting their businesses into ‘B Corporations’. With thousands of other companies now choosing the same route, we ask what is so good about this new type of company.

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Opposition to TTIP

Civil society mobilises against EU-US trade deal

This is the third in our series on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a major trade deal being negotiated between the US and the EU which critics say threatens democracy.

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Company Lobbying

Companies lobbying for TTIP

Consumers can express their opposition to TTIP by avoiding the products of companies lobbying for the agreement.

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Lobbying infographics

Lobbying and the TTIP

Infographics on lobbying about TTIP produced by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), a campaign group which investigates corporate influence on the European Union.

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TTIP and digital rights

Digital rights, online privacy and the EU-US free trade agreement

Glyn Moody discovers a Christmas list from lobbyists in the latest in our series on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

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TTIP and Privatisation

Public services, privatisation and TTIP

Linda Kaucher, long-term researcher and campaigner on the EU's secretive international trade agreement programme, explains what TTIP means for our public services.

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Take Action


Sign the European wide petition against TTIP




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