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Last updated: October 2016




Civil society mobilises against EU-US trade deal


In what is shaping up to be a massive victory for trade justice campaigns, things are not looking good for TTIP. It won’t be going through before the US elections in November 2016, and both presidential candidates oppose it. French and German elections will follow, and the deal is increasingly unpopular with the electorate: 300,000 people joined protests against TTIP and CETA in Germany in September 2016. 

Germany’s Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said in August that the talks have “de facto failed, even though nobody is really admitting it”. The 15th round of negotiations went ahead in October despite the negative signals.




Photo credit: Global justice


European Citizen's Initiative

The ECI is a self-organised initiative made up of over 500 European organisations against TTIP and CETA. In 2014, despite gaining support from over 200 organisations, the European Commission rejected the registration of the ECI. The legal reasons for refusal were dubious and the ECI have continued without official approval from Brussels.


Image of TTIP protest

Anti-TTIP protest, photo credit Garry Knight. 

Before this Initiative was launched, the European Commission was secretly negotiating TTIP from behind closed doors. However, the ECI has helped cast these trade deals into the limelight causing widespread public resistance.

An official ECI has to successfully collect at least one million signatures to challenge the European Commission. The ECI has smashed its target and with only a few days to go has collected over 2.5 million signatures so far.

Some key campaigning groups who are part of the ECI are: 38 Degrees, Avaaz, Friends of the Earth, and War on Want.




Businesses unite against TTIP


'Rough Trade' is a new report on the threat of TTIP to small UK businesses, released by campaign group War on Want. It points out that although more than 99% of private sector businesses in the UK are classed as 'small', with less than 50 employees, small business associations have had no input into the content of TTIP.

According to the European Commission's own survey for TTIP, less than 0.5% of UK small businesses are involved in export to US markets. 'TTIP was crafted by and for big business' says the report.

Let your local shops and businesses know! Flyers with basic details of the campaign, and how to sign up as a supporter, are free to order from waronwant.org/materials. Ethical Consumer Research Association signed up as a Business Against TTIP supporter in January 2016.



Spread the word

Help spread the world about the dangers of TTIP and CETA. Download '10 reasons you should be worried about TTIP' and pass on the message. Download here

Global Justice Now image detailing number of voices in each country against TTIP

Country-by-country breakdown of where the 3.2 million against TTIP are placed geographically. Photo credit: Global Justice Now



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